Monday, November 17, 2008

Surviving Life Without a Clue, by Susan Hernandez


Open Query:

With the two simple words "I do" my happiness disappeared like a bat out of hell. Mentally abused and neglected, I was treated like a servant instead of a wife. Coffee precisely 89.5 degrees and don’t forget the cream. My breast cancer was my husband’s justification for cheating. He generously shared Chlamydia with me which took away my ability to have more children, making sex painful and causing miserable mood swings [next mood swing in eight minutes]. I day dreamed of slicing off his genitals and feeding them to the alligators in the canals - making absolutely sure there was no chance for reattachment. I stepped out of a wonderful childhood into a nightmare which left me sitting on the street with gravel ground into my knees.

After my divorce, I was always in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the wrong time. My children and I were evicted from two apartments, my car was repossessed and we ate macaroni and cheese by candlelight more than once. Watching my children dine weekly on free food samples at Costco, my brain started screaming. " WAKE - UP! What the hell are you doing!" I took my education, what was left of my sanity and put it to work in Northwest Florida with a good job in surgery. Taking control of my life has given me peace of mind, a home and this book:

SURVIVING LIFE WITHOUT A CLUE, a 62,000 word completed memoir.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my query.

Susan Hernandez


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